I am late to post this. But thought to bring it up since the thing is hot and repeatedly happen. Recently Kumiko Suzuki banned from Google AdSense. The reason is invalid clicks which Google doesn’t give any data about the occurrence. As Kumiko says,

“It didn’t just happen overnight though. I received a warning a couple of months ago that invalid clicks were being generated on my ads…but as Google explicitly states in the warning letter - they won’t tell you from where or by who or what you can do stop it. So what could I do about it? Nothing.”

If you hang around her site, you may notice that her posts are quality posts and her income generation is honest. Why would she make invalid clicks in such a revealed journey? Did one of her competitors do that on her behalf? Anyway something has happened. That’s why Google’s automated bot discovered it and sent her auto-generated emails. All these happen while some people continue with AdSense by doing all sorts of unapproved tricks.

Where Is the Problem?

In my opinion its in Google’s reliance on its auto-discovery machine. Why don’t they give data? At least the time period it occurred which then can remind the webmaster to shut down AdSense in such an event. Kumiko says that for her appeals too, she got auto-generated replies which shows no point of appealing.

Why can’t they impose suspensions for certain time periods rather than banning forever? This topic is heavily discussed but it seems Google doesn’t listen. I also started a Digital Point thread to see whether a banned person can re-register with some variation. But the thread says it is impossible.

The only way I can imagine to survive is shutting down AdSense for a long period when getting the first warning email. Although it can be a great tragedy, you don’t have to get it as the end of your business. There are plenty of other money making schemes which sometimes would do better than AdSense and that’s where Kumiko and all other courageous personalities head into.