Even though you keep your site ethical, there is a chance to get banned from AdSense. This may be because of a visitor activity on your site which led to invalid clicks. However if you get flagged about invalid clicks, you would notice that Google doesn’t give you any data about the occurrence in their warning emails.

Therefore often webmasters have no idea about what to do and get banned ultimately. One way to avoid getting banned that I can think of is shutting down AdSense for a long period of time when you get your first warning.

If banned from AdSense, you get a chance to make an appeal but as some webmasters have observed, appeals are also handled by an automated bot which tends to reject appeals. So, if banned from AdSense, you have no option other than forgetting it and moving onto other money making schemes.

That’s perfectlyok since you may find some lucrative programs than AdSense. But what if you don’t get lucky? What if you were at the top of your AdSense experiments? What if you had devoted all you time in AdSense and you are pretty much sure you can make money with it in any site? Then you will feel it’s really difficult to live without AdSense.

As you might know, Google records all your data like Payee Name, Postal Address, Web Site URL etc. So, you won’t be able to re-register including any of previous details. All you can do is finding someone you can trust to use his name and address to create a new AdSense account.

You will also have to specify a different web site URL with good content where you can get an approval. If you successfully get your new account then remember not to include your new AdSense code in any of previous domains (where you had used your previous AdSense code) since Google keeps domain details too.

You may not notice higher earning-per-click with your new account at the beginning since now you are a whole new publisher with no history. But hopefully you will get back to same performance or more with the time. When the check comes, you will have to deposit it in your friend’s bank account and get your cash later on. You would also offer him a compensation :-) Here is a story of a person who got banned and got back to the game following this procedure.