I went through a stream of free home business articles in article directories. Most of them share a common thing, SEO slavishness. Two highly searched and highly targeted keywords in home business world are “home business” and “home based business”. And sometimes the term “internet” joins the party. One common thing I saw (and anyone can see at first glance) is putting these terms exactly as they are, specially in headline and then throughout the article.

With all the hype around article marketing, it’s true that you tend to write article baits regularly. But just keep in mind that writing and submitting alone would not make your campaign successful. At least one human being will read your article. If you deeply think about it, you would find this human impression is much more important.

This is not against SEO, this just about the way you do it. SE algorithms are getting better day by day and semantic analyzing is one major part that is under rapid development. As explained in a recent Axandra SE Facts newsletter,

“For example, Google has billions of web pages in its index. If Google finds that many web pages contain both the word Paris and the word Hilton then Google might assume that these keywords are related. The other words on these pages could give Google a hint that this special word combination is about a woman.

Words that frequently appear very close to each other could get a tighter connection. Google has a lot of algorithms that allow them to calculate the relation between different words.”

Yea, it talks about appearing close but it doesn’t mean the order. So, changing the order of words won’t hurt you. Actually it is wiser than repeating same phase which has a better chance of getting caught. Another mistake you do in this approach is giving a higher priority words like “a” and “in” which SEs don’t care much. By keeping your SEO common sense, you can make your content far more interesting and achieve your SEO goals.