I got my first Best Yahoo Answer recently. This was the question,

“I am a stay at home mom and am looking for a way to work from home, everytime I do a search it ends up being a scam….

So if anyone knows of some legit work from home bussiness opportunity’s please let me know….”

And this was my answer,

“You should have a some kind of hobby, passion etc, right?
Figure out it and start a blog on it.

You can get a free one at,

To get a blog with your own domain name, that is like
www.your-name.com, I recommend WordPress (that’s what I use)

Hosting a blog is easy. You will get all the info there. Search for
“DreamHost $97 coupon code”. If you find one, you can host your
blog with DreamHost for just $22 for first year.

Writing a blog is pretty easy. It’s like writing an email. After
submitting your post will be displayed as an article on your blog.
You don’t have to know technical details. Any blogging platform
provides detailed guidance to set up and start.

Then you will have to build a community around your blog.
Search for “blog marketing” or something. Once you build a
community you can easily monetize them using Google Ads,
Yahoo Ads, Text Link Ads etc.

It’s your own business. You don’t have to depend on another

The important thing is finding a topic. Some just write about
their daily life. www.dooce.com is such one which gathers
about 55,000 visitors a day. Think about it and search about it.
Don’t get caught to scams.

All the Best!”

I have been elected months after answering and only by one vote (this may not be the person who asked the question). But again it’s a great to award myself for doing a better job. My victory is pretty obvious, the user had said “everytime I do a search it ends up being a scam” but almost all other answers were just rubbish promoting themselves. I didn’t include a thing about promotion and gave the short and sweet answer possible. So, it has helped me to rise from the crowd. This teaches me to evaluate the value of the competition rather than the count.