If you just found affiliate marketing then you might have been delighted of all its glory. No product to develop, no customer service, no billing etc. If you have decided to get into this business then there is one critical thing that you have to be aware of. It’s the quality of your content, no matter in what format.

You may intuitively know it. But when you build content you may make a big mistake without notice. That’s trying to make each and every link an affiliate link. When you are writing an article you may unnecessarily research for an affiliate product that you can recommend at the end of the article. If your article mentions some affiliate products, you may try to register with each of them even though some of them won’t be mention in anywhere else.

If the product owner doesn’t have an affiliate program, you may contact him and ask a way to get paid even before you make a single lead. You can imagine the scenario, right? Instead, try to develop more and more content and increase traffic to them. You will surely need to register and use links of your main products. But leave the ones you accidentally meet unless you are sure that minor mentioning would make a considerable amount of leads.

Let your analytics program prove it. With a feature like Site Overlay in Google Analytics (a free program), you can simply count how many times a link has been clicked. If it is a considerable amount then go for it. Never exclude links to useful sources just because they don’t have a way to pay you. Any webmaster can see from where the traffic comes from and when someone notices you, he will be glad and will surely find a way to give something back like introducing you to his audience.

Always try to make it as natural as possible. This way, you will build a high visitor loyalty which will increase the conversion of your main products. Never underestimate your audience. They will simply identify that you are going to sell something when you over include affiliate links.