WordPress has gained its importance that many web hosts provide one-click installation for it. So you won’t have to bother too much about it. If you need technical details, you can find them at WordPress Codex.

Where you should be smart is choosing the location for your installation. If your primary goal is your blog then you may want to install it in the root. So that your readers can access it following www.your-web-site-name.com

WordPress comes with a large number of files and a little bit of complex file hierarchy. So, it will mess up your root and you will find difficulties when creating sub directories in the root for other purposes.

So your option will be installing it in a sub directory (say blog) and redirect www.your-web-site-name.com to www.your-web-site-name.com/blog. It doesn’t seem to be professional. Does it?

Luckily WordPress has got a solution for you. I was pulling my hair out until I found it. Read the Codex article Giving WordPress its Own Directory While Leaving Your Blog in the Root Directory to learn how to get it done. You will find this article and configuration in your WordPress admin area under General tab in Options menu.