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Even though you keep your site ethical, there is a chance to get banned from AdSense. This may be because of a visitor activity on your site which led to invalid clicks. However if you get flagged about invalid clicks, you would notice that Google doesn’t give you any data about the occurrence in their […]

I am late to post this. But thought to bring it up since the thing is hot and repeatedly happen. Recently Kumiko Suzuki banned from Google AdSense. The reason is invalid clicks which Google doesn’t give any data about the occurrence. As Kumiko says,
“It didn’t just happen overnight though. I received a warning a couple […]

I found this in a Warrior Forum Thread. What the user has done is removing the Publisher ID in AdSense code for couple of days and replacing it after that. What he has gained is a high increase in earning-per-click. As he says,
“As you all know, there is a “publisher id” that Google AdSense provides […]