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I noticed this at Digital Point Forum. Only a minority of members are using post icons. A post icon can be used to give an idea about the type of your post when it is listed along with other posts. For an example, is your post about a question you have or is it about […]

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger has started another group writing project with the help of Chitika. This time the topic is “Top Five”. It can be about anything. So, I thought a while and came up with my input “Top Five Challenges Newbies Face Online”.
Even though this is for a competition, I do think these are […]

I went through a stream of free home business articles in article directories. Most of them share a common thing, SEO slavishness. Two highly searched and highly targeted keywords in home business world are “home business” and “home based business”. And sometimes the term “internet” joins the party. One common thing I saw (and anyone […]

I got my first Best Yahoo Answer recently. This was the question,
“I am a stay at home mom and am looking for a way to work from home, everytime I do a search it ends up being a scam….
So if anyone knows of some legit work from home bussiness opportunity’s please let me know….”
And […]