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If you just found affiliate marketing then you might have been delighted of all its glory. No product to develop, no customer service, no billing etc. If you have decided to get into this business then there is one critical thing that you have to be aware of. It’s the quality of your content, no […]

Once you registered with an affiliate program, the merchant gives you affiliate links which contain a unique identification that can track the leads you send via affiliate links. Merchants are well concerned in this tracking to give credits to appropriate affiliates and keep their interest. Basically affiliate programs use Cookies or/and IP Addresses to track […]

I talked about how Affiliate Business is done in Affiliate Marketing. In this article I talk about different kinds of affiliate programs and where to find them. Merchants conduct affiliate programs by themselves or with the help of a third party to increase the number of sales. To become an affiliate of a particular affiliate […]

You have probably seen the terms Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs on the internet. As its name expresses, being an affiliate of a certain company means that you represent their products and services for negotiated commissions.
Being an affiliate has many benefits. You don’t have to develop a product, position it on the market, handle […]