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Recently I wrote a reference post for Tamar’s Introduction to Google’s Webmaster Central. I just copied its title and modified. What I hadn’t noticed is the smart quote (curly quote). Although WordPress Permalinks mechanism removes normal quotes (straight quotes), it does assign a weird code for smart quotes. So, my Permalink was like below,
So, I […]

In WordPress Permalinks mechanism, file name of a post is made by converting whole title into lowercase and replacing spaces among words with hyphens (-). If the title contains special characters like question marks (?) then those will be removed. So, if you write long titles then URLs of your posts will also be long. […]

A blog is basically a chronological content management system. It manages and presents content you create. That means if you want an article in your blog, you just login and write your article just as you type an email. Then your blog takes care of it. It stores the article and let only the authorized […]

Permalink means how a URL of a WordPress post appears. To have nice looking Permalinks, your web server should be Apache with mod_rewrite module. Almost all Linux web hosting packages are in this configuration. But be sure before choosing a web host if you really want Permalink functionality.
Setting your desired Permalink structure is a very […]

WordPress has gained its importance that many web hosts provide one-click installation for it. So you won’t have to bother too much about it. If you need technical details, you can find them at WordPress Codex.
Where you should be smart is choosing the location for your installation. If your primary goal is your blog then […]