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RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is an innovative medium for content distribution. It enables webmasters to distribute their newly added content and news to their subscribers in a less-obstructed and highly focused way. If you are not a RSS user yet, first become a RSS user because you need that understanding for […]

Writing on-topic articles and distributing them among the publishers who seek content has been a proven internet marketing method. You may in doubt but no matter what your subject is, you will always find publishers who are willing to publish your articles. It’s because of the growing nature of the internet. Some webmasters just become […]

Press releases are a vital part for any business which needs public relations. By announcing a press release business owners expect mass media will take their message to public. That’s why big companies allocate a considerable budget for press releases. But when it comes to online small businesses, the objective differs slightly. For them, it’s […]

Submitting your press release to a higher number of press release distribution services brings you higher exposure. But it takes time. One purpose of HomeBizPal Press Release Distribution is reducing this time. Now you can access top distribution services only by clicking rather than opening new windows.
Its main purpose is to bring you a list […]

Usually companies hire professionals for writing their press releases because it is that important in company perspective. However you can write your own professional press releases by adhering to basics and if you get approved by the distribution service, it means you have done it pretty well.
Main Parts of a Press Release
Headline is your weapon […]

10 Minute Mail offers email addresses which will self-destruct in 10 minutes. By clicking the link on home page, you will get a temporary email address (like [email protected]) that you can use for next 10 minutes. All emails sent to that address will be displayed on the web page where you got the address (You […]