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Currently Google reports 36,800,000 results for the term “affiliate marketing”. This niche is really competitive not only because of the numbers but also because of savvy internet marketers. This is a niche about marketing. So, all the top players are playing. But it seems ordinary people can also score well. Here is a story of […]

Recent issue of Axandra Search Engine Facts nicely explains what is semantic indexing and why it is important to you. As it says,
Semantic indexing means that search engines try to associate certain terms with concepts when indexing web pages. For example, Paris and Hilton are […]

Search engines are the primary sources web surfers use to search what they want. Therefore getting higher ranks for your targeted keywords means getting warm prospects to your web site. That’s why any online business pays attention to gain search engine rankings. The way to achieve it is making your site more search engine friendly. […]

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Submitting URLs directly to search engines has been outdated. The proven way SE spiders travel is along web links. So, when your link popularity increases, SEs will find you in many ways. Once found, they will revisit and index your content according to their own time parameters. What you have to do is preparing your […]

It has been observed that it takes about 6 to 8 months for a new site to be in Google’s index for targeted keywords. So, if your site is new then Google may not show you in search results for your targeted keywords, sometimes even for your business name. You may also not see your […]

Link popularity simply means how many links you have from other web sites. It’s a measurement of how popular your web site is among the internet community because incoming links can be considered as votes. Usually you link to a site because of some value of it (except in cases that you want to point […]

A well structured directory can bring more attention to your reciprocal link exchange campaign. Any prospective partner would like to be in a well structured directory rather than being in a buried links page. More than that it will be an easily browsable directory to your visitors and search engine spiders. When you build your […]

Finding right link partners is a very important in your reciprocal link exchange campaign. No matter how you structured or designed your partner directory, if it doesn’t include valuable web sites, you won’t get much from your visitors or search engines.
Things You Need to Consider
Always try to stick to your subject. As stated in Tips […]

If you are going to highly engage in reciprocal link exchange, one page won’t be enough or suitable to list all your partners. You will have to go for a well structured directory. You can name it Resources, Links, Partners etc. Whatever you name it, here are some tips to make it usable for both […]

Contacting prospective link partners is a critical part in your reciprocal link exchange campaign. Professionalism you follow here will determine the response rate you get. Basically there are two methods to contact. Some webmasters provide submission forms making your job easier. For others, you have to contact via email. Here are some useful tips for […]