You have to be selective in reciprocal link exchange. Here are some tips to polish your skills.

Don’t go after each and every site or accept all proposals. You can use Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank as measurements. It’s always better to have links from established sites. But don’t neglect new websites if the content […]

Linking to relevant or frequently visited web sites has been a phenomenon on the internet. Reciprocal link exchange is a somewhat mechanical form of this phenomenon. In reciprocal link exchange, webmasters get into an agreement (usually no paper documents, so don’t be worry) to link to each other hoping to increase link popularity of both […]

When we examine a set of prospective web sites, usually we do searches like number of indexed pages in major 3 search engines, number of backlinks found by major 3, Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank etc. And you know the amount of windows you have to open and repeated typing you have to do for […]

Below directories lists web sites that are willing to exchange links reciprocally. Some have paid options that promise enhanced services and some have been built as promotional aids for their main products. However since all listed web masters are willing to exchange links, you can save one researching step. I will update the list whenever […]

Web directories list web sites according to subjects. In addition to searching features, users can browse through categories. Being listed in web directories is important in two main aspects. One is traffic. Depending on the subject and popularity, you can get a stream of traffic from them. The other and the most concerned one is […]

Submitting your press release to a higher number of press release distribution services brings you higher exposure. But it takes time. One purpose of HomeBizPal Press Release Distribution is reducing this time. Now you can access top distribution services only by clicking rather than opening new windows.
Its main purpose is to bring you a list […]

After you distributing a press release, you will see hundreds of places as published locations. But it won’t be hundreds of backlinks to your site. Lots of these publishers only publish the headline and the summary of your press release pointing the headline to the announcement page located at the distribution service.
So it will increase […]

Once you have a set of keywords, you need to analyze them to select profitable ones. This is usually a time consuming task because you have to browse through lots of data sources and you have to type your keyword in each of them. HomeBizPal Keyword Profitability Search was born to reduce this time.
Now you […]

Having a list of focused keywords is really important in any online marketing campaign. It lets you identify the trends as well as the competition in your niche which then can be used to fine tune your targeting. Keyword research is mainly discussed in search engine optimization. But it is also crucial in pay per […]

Google Page Rank is a factor that Google assigns to web pages in its index. It is based on the number of links Google has found pointing to a certain web page. Links can be from other web sites as well as from other pages in the same site. The rank varies from 0 to […]