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If you are a busy entrepreneur, you know the value of saving time, even seconds or minutes. One way to save time is applying automation to repeating tasks. For an example, there are set of sites we usually visit. You might have bookmarked them. But again you have to visit bookmarks and make couple of […]

In Press Release Marketing, I mentioned to use a separate email address with a filter in your submission. That is using something like [email protected] and creating a filter in your email program to identify the emails sent to it. What I did was redirecting all emails sent to my press address to a Gmail account […]

Tamar from 10e20 has written an introduction article about Google’s Webmaster Central which can be the #1 Google source for your site. If you feel complex or still haven’t tried all cool features, Tamar takes you a nice tour with images.
She talks about Site Verification, Crawl status, Crawl rate, URL removing, Page Rank status, Search […]

To have a live web site, you need a space on a web server which is fully connected to the internet. Web hosting companies maintains these servers and you can get your own space by getting a web hosting account from your desired host. After that you can put your stuff (web pages) on your […]

A major obstacle newcomers face when starting an online business is the initial capital. Even though it’s pretty less comparing to a brick and mortar business, people still hesitate since the outcome is not so obvious. So, if the initial capital is low, you can start your endeavors without a big stress. One basic fee […]

Domain registering means getting a web address like (this is a reserved name for explaining purposes). If you are going to do a business online, you will surely need a domain name. Even though the process (getting one) is simple, it seems that newcomers get confused with the information available. And also there are […]

Firefox web browser from Mozilla Foundation is becoming next generation’s web browser because of its remarkable features. It has been also awarded over 20 recognized web awards. Below are some of its highlights,

It’s free and open source. That means you can get it free of charge and edit the way it works. Because of this, […]

Google Page Rank is a factor that Google assigns to web pages in its index. It is based on the number of links Google has found pointing to a certain web page. Links can be from other web sites as well as from other pages in the same site. The rank varies from 0 to […]

Alexa Rank is a relative measurement on how popular a web site among the Internet community. Alexa is relative because it depends on the data of Alexa Toolbar users. And also Alexa Toolbar is only for Internet Explore which means it doesn’t count growing group of Firefox fans or any other browser users. But there […]

If you are going to build an online business then you will really need some tech stuff like HTML. Even if you don’t want to create web sites by yourself, you will need a basic understanding on how these technologies work incase you hire some one else.
How World Wide Web Works
There is a difference between […]