Google has explained how it sees and works with duplicate content. It has got number of useful suggestions. Here is a clue for local search optimization.
Use TLDs: To help us serve the most appropriate version of a document, use top level domains whenever possible to handle country-specific content. We’re more likely to know that .de […]

Unseen activities of hackers may drop your site from Google’s Index. But if you site is worth enough, Google will contact you presenting the problem. Matt Cutts says that Google is that pollite.
When you change the ownership of something, do you trumpet it? Be careful! You may lose past and future customers. Seth Godin explains […]

Paul Stamatiou and Quick Online Tips announced the debut of 10 Minute Mail which provides email addresses that self-destruct in 10 minutes. If you are a marketer, here is the solution.
Does buying or selling Google AdWords or Google AdSense ads help improve link popularity, organic SEO & Google rankings? Aaron Wall answers it.
Devon Ellington […]