Usually companies hire professionals for writing their press releases because it is that important in company perspective. However you can write your own professional press releases by adhering to basics and if you get approved by the distribution service, it means you have done it pretty well.

Main Parts of a Press Release

Headline is your weapon to get attention. Usually you can use about 80 characters for it. Write like newspaper headlines making it concise and curious. Make the first letter of each word capital except articles and prepositions.

This should be able to tell whole story in its shortest format. In most cases, only your headline and summary are displayed. Therefore make the combination meaningful. Don’t put the first paragraph here. In full view, most distribution services also publish the summary and readers may see a repeated paragraph if you did so. Use about 25 words for your summary.
Distribution service usually include a little phrase (something like Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 25, 2006 — ) which contains the location, its company name and the date. Your opening paragraph comes next to it. Don’t make it a continued part of the summary. Your story begins here, not in summary. Summary is a truncated version of your story. Opening paragraph is your start for making readers warm. It can continue to the next paragraph.

Any paragraph of your body can be a continued part of previous or next paragraph. The rule of thumb is to begin the story from the opening paragraph, explain it in middle part and end with some future clues at the latter part.

Write in 3rd person. That is, write like a reporter writing an article about non-related company. But you don’t have to make it dull throughout because usually a reporter quotes story leader’s sayings. Include your dialogs in double quotes (” “) where appropriate. Don’t include hype, instead make it conservative. Try to avoid names of other businesses (specially for accusing). Inappropriate use of them can lead to copyright conflicts.

Mention web addresses only when needed. Don’t include any HTML. If possible, give some clues on what you are going to do with regarding stuff in the future in final paragraph. It may keep your audience up. Always try to make it concise and interesting. Recommended word count is in between 300-800.

Company Description:
This usually appears as About Company (like About HomeBizPal). Prepare a short description about your business. Again write it in 3rd person. Some distribution services have a separate input box for this and the content will be appended to the body when published. If that kind of arrangement is absent then put it after your body.

Contact Information:
This will be your lead generator most of the time. So, try to be detailed. Expected includes are contact person’s full name, postal address, telephone number and fax number in international format, email address and the web address. Again your distribution service may or may not provide fields for these in submission form. If not available, put them after company information.

Include three hash signs ( ### ) at the end of your press release. It’s the standard way of ending a press release.

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