John Chow gained attraction in blogsphere by doing wonderful things. While his blog is about making money online, all his posts are not dedicated to the subject. He is very good at bringing entertainment to his blog with various kinds of posts (Dell CES party, Cars etc). He is also strait forward when expressing ideas.

He has started his blog in year 2005 but he is not new to the web, he has well over 7 years experience. And this blog is not his only venture. He is the founder of TheTechZone and a bunch of established sites. All these make sense what he says at his blog. To get an idea on what he delivers, all you have to do is subscribe to his feed and browse through his archives. If you like the stuff, just stay and if you don’t, you don’t have to. I don’t think just being a Dot Com Mogul should stick you there as some of his commentators. Continue Reading »

I went through a stream of free home business articles in article directories. Most of them share a common thing, SEO slavishness. Two highly searched and highly targeted keywords in home business world are “home business” and “home based business”. And sometimes the term “internet” joins the party. One common thing I saw (and anyone can see at first glance) is putting these terms exactly as they are, specially in headline and then throughout the article. Continue Reading »

I got my first Best Yahoo Answer recently. This was the question,

“I am a stay at home mom and am looking for a way to work from home, everytime I do a search it ends up being a scam….

So if anyone knows of some legit work from home bussiness opportunity’s please let me know….” Continue Reading »

FreeIQ is a new Web 2.0 (based on user generated content) search engine for marketers. Why it says marketers? If you want to know something about marketing, just search FreeIQ. You will get well praised free content and carefully presented paid content as well. If you are a marketer who wants to present content then just upload them with relevant details. You can decide to go free or paid. It’s your choice. Its theme says “The Marketplace for Ideas” but I would prefer “Marketplace for Information”.

You can upload any kind of educational material (videos, audios, PDFs etc) but most preferred ones would be videos and audios. Here is a list of things you can do at FreeIQ as a content provider, Continue Reading »

John Reese of Traffic Secrets fame has released a free 53 page report called Rebirth of Internet Marketing. You might have found him through lot of hype and may not have a good impression. But he is famous for practicality. He always tries to give practical information with examples. Anyway here is something at the begging of the report.

“Why Should Anyone Listen To What John Reese Has To Say?
17 years. 100+ hours a week. 1,200+ web sites. Tens of thousands of
tests. Billions of site visitors. Millions in profits.”

As stated in the report, no part can be reproduced. So, I can’t include some excerpts that I really wanted to. However here is a set of clues on what you would get. Continue Reading »

Recent issue of Axandra Search Engine Facts nicely explains what is semantic indexing and why it is important to you. As it says,

Semantic indexing means that search engines try to associate certain terms with concepts when indexing web pages. For example, Paris and Hilton are associated with a woman instead of a city and a hotel, Tiger and Woods are associated with golf.

Google has billions of web pages in its index. If Google finds that many web pages contain both the word Paris and the word Hilton then Google might assume that these keywords are related. The other words on these pages could give Google a hint that this special word combination is about a woman.

I found this in a Warrior Forum Thread. What the user has done is removing the Publisher ID in AdSense code for couple of days and replacing it after that. What he has gained is a high increase in earning-per-click. As he says,

“As you all know, there is a “publisher id” that Google AdSense provides you. As some of you might have experienced before, once you delete the publisher id, the ads will keep being shown on the site, but you will be publishing them for no cost by Google’s side.” Continue Reading »

Online auctions let ordinary people do business online without dealing with strict legal bonds or high start up costs. The goods you can sell can be used or new, physical or digital. But popular items have been used physical goods. This is just because people have enough places to buy new and digital goods.

Major online auction sites (like eBay network) attract millions of willing to buy prospects to their sites. You just have to present your goods to them. But the game is not that easy because of sheer competition. Whatever category you choose, there will be enough sellers to compete with, just because of the popularity online auctions have gained. But you can always be a winner by practicing do’s and avoiding don’ts. I will continue the article with features of auction giant eBay which you can found in other auctions sites too. Continue Reading »