A blog is basically a chronological content management system. It manages and presents content you create. That means if you want an article in your blog, you just login and write your article just as you type an email. Then your blog takes care of it. It stores the article and let only the authorized people modify it (yes, you can appoint guest authors to contribute content).

Upon your command it publishes the article. That means it decorate your article with the template you have specified and let the world view it as a web page. When your visitors add comments to your articles or talk about them in their blogs, your blog stores and appends them to corresponding article making your articles more live and interactive. Continue Reading »

To have a live web site, you need a space on a web server which is fully connected to the internet. Web hosting companies maintains these servers and you can get your own space by getting a web hosting account from your desired host. After that you can put your stuff (web pages) on your space and point your domain name to it which make your web site live. There are some basic facts you need to know before choosing a host and maintaining a web site.


See whether the given space is enough for all your existing and future web site stuff. Always have an approximation about the size of the stuff that you expect to add in the future. A standard account always provides 500MB or more. Continue Reading »

A major obstacle newcomers face when starting an online business is the initial capital. Even though it’s pretty less comparing to a brick and mortar business, people still hesitate since the outcome is not so obvious. So, if the initial capital is low, you can start your endeavors without a big stress. One basic fee you have to afford is web hosting fee. Usual rate of a full featured web hosing account is always around $100 per year.

Now you can reduce it up to $22.4. A leader in web hosting, DreamHost offers a rewards program where its participants can issue coupon codes to their associates. The maximum coupon is $97 and its annual fee is $119.4. So, by using a $97 coupon code, you can make it just $22.4. I have prepared a $97 coupon for you. Use HBP97 when sign up and enjoy the benefits. Remember this offer is valid only for first year and you will have to pay the regular fee thereafter.

One year is a sufficient period to build a successful online business. With this coupon code I loose $97 that I could earn by referring you as a normal customer. Rather than a marketing gimmick, I do offer this as a way of paying it forward. I enjoyed it and it broke a big obstacle I faced. Now I invite you to break the obstacle and to start your dream business.

Domain registering means getting a web address like www.example.com (this is a reserved name for explaining purposes). If you are going to do a business online, you will surely need a domain name. Even though the process (getting one) is simple, it seems that newcomers get confused with the information available. And also there are some important facts you need to know before registering a domain name.

Difference between Domain Registration
and Web Hosting

Getting www.example.com doesn’t mean you have a web site and you can begin adding new pages to it. You need a space on a web server that is fully connected to the internet to store your web site stuff and to point your registered domain name. Then only you can have a live web site that anyone can access via your domain name. Getting a space on a web server is called web hosting and many web hosts provide a free domain name as a bonus. Continue Reading »

Search engines are the primary sources web surfers use to search what they want. Therefore getting higher ranks for your targeted keywords means getting warm prospects to your web site. That’s why any online business pays attention to gain search engine rankings. The way to achieve it is making your site more search engine friendly. This effort is know as search engine optimization.

What SEs basically concern is content. Without good and well structured content you won’t have any rank. What SEO does is make it more meaningful to SEs. There are two basic sections in SEO, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. You will really need a basic understanding on HTML and preferably on CSS. You also need to have your focused keywords with you. Continue Reading »

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