FreeIQ is a new Web 2.0 (based on user generated content) search engine for marketers. Why it says marketers? If you want to know something about marketing, just search FreeIQ. You will get well praised free content and carefully presented paid content as well. If you are a marketer who wants to present content then just upload them with relevant details. You can decide to go free or paid. It’s your choice. Its theme says “The Marketplace for Ideas” but I would prefer “Marketplace for Information”.

You can upload any kind of educational material (videos, audios, PDFs etc) but most preferred ones would be videos and audios. Here is a list of things you can do at FreeIQ as a content provider,

  • Host and stream an unlimited amount of video and audio – for free!
  • Stream entire seminars, presentations, speeches, teleseminars, webinars and demonstrations with no limits on the length on Free IQ or your own web site – for free!
  • Create your own mini-web site on Free IQ to display your own content or your collections and reviews of other experts’ content – for free!
  • Sell your premium media products (audio, video and more) through our huge network of affiliate marketers – for free! You only pay a small transaction fee on the sales you refer plus an affiliate commission when others refer sales to you.
  • Collect email addresses from people interested in your content to build your opt-in email list on oursite –free!
  • Deliver your premium media products to paid customers via online streaming – for free!

It ranks content according to user reviews hoping users would be generous to give their honest opinions.

“When you search on Free IQ for whatever topic you’re interested in, all the content that is Free appears in the main area of the search results. And it’s ranked according to the reviews of other users who are also interested in that topic, with the most valuable and popular free content at the top.

Keep in mind that when it comes to these review, we even rank those and gauge which ones are the most meaningful. Reviews that are rated more helpful by other Free IQ users simply count more! And reviewers that build up a positive reputation in a certain topic (by writing a lot of helpful reviews) count even more. We call this ReviewRank™ it is an important part of our patent pending ranking algorithm.”

Gauging user reviews is a very important thing because marketers are very good at tricks. So, if someone asks his email list to write reviews for him and they all end up with wows! it won’t help much. However this is still possible to game.

How this applies Google’s approach? Well, while the free content which based on user reviews would be the main stream, there is a column for paid content. For an example when you enter the term blogging, in main area, it would bring free content related to blogging which were praised by users and the paid column would contain paid content of marketers who targeted the term blogging.

FreeIQ Search Page

Costs, limits and procedure,

“We will host and stream all your content for free, whether it’s video, audio, articles or ebookshile we reserve the right to eventually set limits, currently there is no limit to how much content you can upload. And if anyone buys an electronically deliverable (downloadable product from you, we’ll deliver it for free as well.

For content providers, there is no monthly fee to use the Free IQ shopping engine to sell your information products. We host and stream (and digitally deliver) an unlimited of audio and video for free. For any sales you make, we charge just 5% of the sales price (plus credit card processing fees.)”

Spam and reliability,

“At Free IQ, we take copyright law and the rights of authors and speakers and all of our content providers very seriously. We don’t want anything uploaded to Free IQ for which the person uploading it doesn’t have full authority to do so. For example, we don’t want any videos or audios that contain copyrighted music in the background. All content providers who upload content for hosting and streaming on Free IQ must affirm that they own the works contained therein.”

You can find Brad Fallon, founder of FreeIQ explaining the idea. This also accompanies an attractive affiliate program. If the quality remains, this would be a great platform to both newbies and experts to share knowledge.