John Reese of Traffic Secrets fame has released a free 53 page report called Rebirth of Internet Marketing. You might have found him through lot of hype and may not have a good impression. But he is famous for practicality. He always tries to give practical information with examples. Anyway here is something at the begging of the report.

“Why Should Anyone Listen To What John Reese Has To Say?
17 years. 100+ hours a week. 1,200+ web sites. Tens of thousands of
tests. Billions of site visitors. Millions in profits.”

As stated in the report, no part can be reproduced. So, I can’t include some excerpts that I really wanted to. However here is a set of clues on what you would get.

  • Internet welcomes anyone to build a business. This has made a sheer competition.
  • Why the content you publish is the single most important element of your online marketing.
  • Why authority sites would outperform small sites.
  • Hype no longer would work.
  • Why you should regularly go through your marketing materials.
  • How videos would revolutionize internet marketing.
  • What would happen to miles long sales letters.

In my opinion, its a great report to warn you on what would happen to you if you continues to follow old way. One great reading advice John gives at the end is “I recommend reading this report 3 or 4 times to make sure you grasp the importance of everything in it”. This is really true. More you read the same material higher the facts you would grab.