John Chow gained attraction in blogsphere by doing wonderful things. While his blog is about making money online, all his posts are not dedicated to the subject. He is very good at bringing entertainment to his blog with various kinds of posts (Dell CES party, Cars etc). He is also strait forward when expressing ideas.

He has started his blog in year 2005 but he is not new to the web, he has well over 7 years experience. And this blog is not his only venture. He is the founder of TheTechZone and a bunch of established sites. All these make sense what he says at his blog. To get an idea on what he delivers, all you have to do is subscribe to his feed and browse through his archives. If you like the stuff, just stay and if you don’t, you don’t have to. I don’t think just being a Dot Com Mogul should stick you there as some of his commentators.

His Worked SEO Campaign

Currently John is at Google top for the term “make money online” which may bring him thousands of visitors daily. If you examine his posts on the subject, you would see that the term has artificially repeated or included which I don’t like to see from a blog veteran. And he has also started a link baiting campaign which has led to some silly reviews. Here is what john wants from you,

“If you want to review John Chow dot Com, then Link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money online” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you review of his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a ton of traffic.

I will link to anyone who reviews my blog. Just make sure it’s a real review and not tossed in with another post. The link will send you traffic and help improve your search engine and Technorati ranking.”

While tons of SEO folks are arguing the percentages of Anchor Text, John has asked to repeat same phrase and has had no problem so far. Anyway I don’t like insisting (although insisting always follows SEO campaigns) on something when asking a review since it leads to biased reviews which you can see from most of the posted reviews. However I really like his innovation at blogging and do enjoy most of his posts.