After you distributing a press release, you will see hundreds of places as published locations. But it won’t be hundreds of backlinks to your site. Lots of these publishers only publish the headline and the summary of your press release pointing the headline to the announcement page located at the distribution service.

So it will increase the link popularity of that web page instead of your web site. However if you have a link from that announcement page, it will pass you a good amount of Google Page Rank. Lots of web sites use posting press release summaries as a way of providing news to their visitors. They usually syndicate the RSS feed of their subject matter from distribution services on a specific location of their web sites.

These news channels are usually limited to 4 to 5 items and when your press release is getting old, the summary will be removed. Then it will decrease the Google Page Rank of announcement page which makes it a short term rise. But if your bang is high and your press release is really news worthy, you will get attention from your neighborhood and if your web site content is really good then they will make natural links appropriately.

Usually press releases you submit get permanent web addresses at distribution services letting you get permanent backlinks if including a live link was allowed by your distribution service. Therefore if you can submit your press release to a considerable amount of distribution services then it will make solid results. Large distribution services like PRWeb have number of distribution services under them and one submission will make good number of permanent posts.

However since distribution services are updated daily, these permanent posts will get buried soon which again make them not that effective. Therefore after your press release appeared online, choose an announcement page based on credibility of distribution service and number of links (low number of links is preferred) on it and link to it from your About page or from a special page created for your press releases.

This will pass an amount of Google Page Rank to that page and if you have a backlink on it to your site, the value of your backlink will be high. Distribution services like PRWeb and PRLeap are well established and have less number of links on their announcement pages.