When we examine a set of prospective web sites, usually we do searches like number of indexed pages in major 3 search engines, number of backlinks found by major 3, Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank etc. And you know the amount of windows you have to open and repeated typing you have to do for these searches.

HomeBizPal Website Dignity Search can greatly reduce this time. Just paste the website list in the input box and hit Generate button. After that it’s just clicking. No more windows! No more typing! All the results will be open in its down frame except for Alexa which breaks frames. You can get detailed instructions on how to use the tool in its main window. Enjoy it and share it!

For Google backlinks, link: example.com (note the space between the operator and the domain name) is used instead of link:example.com (which is the standard one) since it brings more results. However according to observations Google’s backlink numbers are not that accurate. You can have a better estimation with Yahoo’s numbers.

Please provide me your thoughts, suggestions and any bug you found.