Finding right link partners is a very important in your reciprocal link exchange campaign. No matter how you structured or designed your partner directory, if it doesn’t include valuable web sites, you won’t get much from your visitors or search engines.

Things You Need to Consider

Always try to stick to your subject. As stated in Tips to Build a Reciprocal Link Directory,

Try to keep it on topic. It is always better to keep it only to your subject. If you think to broaden it, include only the subjects that your audience would enjoy. That is, if your subject is costumes, fashion partners would be fine but not web hosting partners. This is also important in your search engine optimization.

And as stated in, Tips to Deal with Reciprocal Link Exchange Proposals,

Don’t go after each and every site or accept all proposals. You can use Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank as measurements. It’s always better to have links from established sites. But don’t neglect new websites if the content is really good. They will really do well in the future and it will be hard to get a link at that time. And also you will get a good placement in them comparing to established sites.

You can examine more crucial facts about your prospective partners using HomeBizPal Website Dignity Search.

Listing in Reciprocal Link Exchange Directories

There are the directories that list websites which are willing to exchange links. By listing your site, you will be exposed and get proposals from other webmasters. Again don’t accept each and every proposal, be selective. You can also explore them to locate good link partners. If your site is new, you will always have to follow this path rather than waiting to new proposals. Here is a list of reciprocal link exchange directories.

Using an inurl Search

By doing an inurl search for word likes links, partners, resources, submit, add etc along with your keywords, you will be able to locate directories and submission forms of web sites that may have an interest in reciprocal link exchange.

Using an inurl Search

Examining Reciprocal Directories of Your Competitors

If you have a set of successful competitors who also exchange links, you can get an advantage from their hard work. Examine their reciprocal link directories carefully. Websites that exchanges links with them will also exchange links with you since you have same criteria. You can use IWebTool Visual Page Rank to fine tune your search. Just enter the URLs of those directory pages and it will display the Google Page Rank for each listing. You will have to register for heavy use.

Examining Backlinks of Your Competitors

All major search engines have a feature to display backlinks they have found for a certain website. These data may vary from one search engine to another. As observed, Google doesn’t show correct data. You can use Yahoo Site Explore to get good results. The usual operator search engines provide is link,

Be aware that this search may also list pages from you web site that link to your home page. To exclude them, use site operator with minus sign.

In Google, leaving a space between the link operator and the domain name brings more results. That is,

link: brings more results than

You can always use HomeBizPal Website Dignity Search to accelerate your search. Just enter the domain name. Then you can search backlinks found by major 3 search engines with just 3 clicks.

Using SEOElite

SEOElite is a specially designed tool to locate quality reciprocal partners. It can list reciprocal partners of your competitors with more details. These details include the link texts (anchor texts) they have used to link to your competitors and the percentages of them. As observed, anchor texts in incoming links give good clues to search engines.

Therefore, if your competitors do well in search engines, you can easily locate the web sites that have helped them to achieve their success. It can also find prospects based on the keywords you give. It has got number of other features. You may not want to use some of them like sending non-personalized emails to all your prospects at once which can flag you as a spammer.