Web directories list web sites according to subjects. In addition to searching features, users can browse through categories. Being listed in web directories is important in two main aspects. One is traffic. Depending on the subject and popularity, you can get a stream of traffic from them. The other and the most concerned one is link building. Links from quality resources are very good facts in search engine optimization.

All most all directories are human reviewed and has specific acceptance terms. In general, brand new, under construction, full with advertising are not accepted. Therefore wait until you cover sufficient amount of content and shut down excessive advertising at least for the submission period.

Directories come in three main forms, free, reciprocal (you need to provide a backlink) and paid. Sometimes you will see combinations of them. You can decide the importance of submitting by concerning their Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. Start with free and reciprocal ones. Then go for paid ones depending on the acceptance rate you get. Wait and develop more content if it is low. Most of the time, majority of juice will come from paid ones.

Accepting durations depend on the directory and usually take weeks to months. So, if you are using a bulk submission service, you won’t be in backlink spamming treat. That means you won’t accrue backlinks within a short period of time which is considered as a black mark to search engines. If you are doing it manually, keep a sound frequency for all the good.

Before submission you need to prepare several profiles that you can rotate during the submission. This is again to be safe because same listing everywhere can also reflect negative signs to search engines. A profile mainly includes a Title and a Description. Optionally you can include your main keywords. Remember not to be promotional and to write in 3rd person. Examine listings in a standard directory like Open Directory (the best and tedious free directory). Some directories also insist to insert your business name in the title.

General limits are 50 characters to Title and 200 (15 words) to description. Usually directories confirm the acceptance via email and you can track the progress by setting up a separate email address. In addition to the Title and Description, sometimes you will also have to provide First Name, Last Name etc. Use Google Toolbar’s AutoFill feature to avoid repeated typing.

Web Directory Lists

Paid Directory Submission Services

  • SEO and Stuff promises 400 directory submissions. Fees range from $15 to $55. Submission progress is provided. You can see the directory list before purchasing.
  • Article Aware promises 400+ directory submissions. Fees range from $15 to $38. Detailed submission reports are provided. You can’t see the directory list before purchasing.

Directory Submission Software

  • Directory Submitter is a directory submission manager which comes with some nice features that let you do it manually at your desktop.