In some cases it is difficult to find the download URL of your download. Knowing Download URL is useful incase you have a download accelerator.

If the download URL is a text link, mouse over it and watch the status bar at the bottom. If it shows a URL which ends with an extension .zip .exe .mp3 .pdf or something, that means the link is directly linked to the download.

In such case, right click on the link and select Copy Link Location (in Firefox). Then paste it in your accelerator.

If the download link is a button or the link is not directly linked to the download (Eg:, just click it and a window will open asking whether you want to save it or open it. Select Save to Disk and Firefox will open the little download window.

  1. Press the Pause link in that window.
  2. Right click on the paused item and select Properties.
  3. There you can see the URL. Click on it and press Ctrl+A
  4. Then press Ctrl+C to copy and paste it in your accelerator.
  5. When you finally close the browser window, Firefox will ask whether you want to cancel the download or not. Just choose Cancel.
  6. You will also see a corrupted file in the location you have set as default download folder (Usually Desktop). Just delete it.