Firefox web browser from Mozilla Foundation is becoming next generation’s web browser because of its remarkable features. It has been also awarded over 20 recognized web awards. Below are some of its highlights,

  • It’s free and open source. That means you can get it free of charge and edit the way it works. Because of this, lots of people have created extensions which enhance the user experience. How about an extension which tells the meaning of any word while you browse, at no cost? :-)
  • It’s fast. Once you requested a web page, your web browser first receives the HTML file for it. Then it reads it and displays the content to you. Firefox is fast in this reading. So, you will experience a significant difference comparing to other browsers.
  • Tabbed browsing. Access all the web pages you want in one browser window. Just click Ctrl+T open a new tab and enter the web address (Ctrl+W to close a tab) or right click on a link in any web page and choose Open Link in New Tab.
  • Higher security. Firefox is very good in security alerts. Not like other commercial browsers, thousands of enthusiastic individuals contribute to its development. So, you are well safe.

Firefox Installation

Just download it and start the setup. It’s a Next, Next, Finish process. Only thing you have to note is importing your stored data from your current browser (Bookmarks etc). Firefox will prompt you a wizard to import them. If you just ignored it, you can re-access it in the future following File > Import.

Firefox with Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar is an excellent browser add-on. It can Auto Fill web forms, Spell Check the text you enter into web forms and has inbuilt Google Search Box, RSS Alert and lots of other cool features. Google has combined its toolbar and Firefox which will surely bring you an extraordinary web experience at no cost. .