RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is an innovative way to organize your favorite web content. Say you have 10 favorite informative web sites and you daily visit them to see what has been newly added. You spend lot of time just for the navigation, right?

Sometimes you may find new items and sometimes not. What about the inner pages which have undergone major changes? Will you find them? RSS has come to answer these problems. It will greatly reduce your navigation and you will never miss news, major updates etc whether it was in home page or in a deeper inner page.

How the RSS Process Works

Webmasters publish a RSS Feed (a file which has been written by the computer language XML) which features site’s news items according to a chronological order. Each item contain a headline and a paragraph (or the full story) where headline is a link to the full story. You only have to read this feed and decide which news you should consider more.

How to Identify Whether a Web Site Offers RSS

RSS Buttons

You have probably seen buttons like above, right? Those are the indications. If a web site offers a RSS Feed, it will not hide it, instead it will trumpet it. Buttons like Google Reader, My Yahoo! directs you to respective online RSS readers.

Sometimes you may just want the Feed URL incase your favorite reader is not listed. Most of the time, you can find it by right clicking little orange color RSS button if the site features such a button. Chose Copy Shortcut if you use Internet Explore or Copy Link Location if your choice is Firefox.

If you are on a blog, most of the time you will find a URL that leads to (just like mine). FeedBurner is a sophisticated service for RSS publishers. Nothing to confuse, just copy that URL.

Google Toolbar Subscribe ButtonIf you use Google Toolbar, it has got a nice feature to facilitate RSS subscribing. Just look at the Subscribe button and if it is active, that means the site you are browsing publishes a RSS feed. It also lets you subscribe with your favorite online RSS Reader.

Online vs Desktop RSS Readers

Both types have gained their own user attraction. My personal preference is Online Readers. After all, my need is to organize favorite content and access it from anywhere in my convenience. With services like revamped Google Reader, you will surely agree with me. If you have never used RSS, I highly recommend you to start with Google Reader. It’s free and works just like GMail.