If you are a busy entrepreneur, you know the value of saving time, even seconds or minutes. One way to save time is applying automation to repeating tasks. For an example, there are set of sites we usually visit. You might have bookmarked them. But again you have to visit bookmarks and make couple of clicks to open them. How about opening them all by opening just one file?

This can be got done with a batch file. A batch file allows you to run commands in Windows. These commands can be things like executing a program. A batch file calls MS Dos prompt and executes written commands. So, the commands you write in a batch file are similar to DOS commands.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a single DOS command or haven’t seen DOS prompt before. Getting our goal done is easy. The way I did this worked only in Firefox not in IE. The reason should be tabbed browsing. If you want to try with IE, then go for one with tabbed browsing. Here are the steps,

First open a Notepad and choose a location to save it (desktop would be convenient). Then save it appending .bat to the file name (I saved it as Common.bat).

Saving Batch File

At the very top, add these lines. Then save and close the file.

Batch File Content

Now you should see something like below, where you saved it. Double click it. A DOS prompt will appear and suddenly disappear. Then Firefox will open Google Docs and Google Analytics, two of my most visited sites. I have also set to remember the passwords in these sites so that it saves even more time.

Batch File Icon

Now lets examine the commands. First line instructs to locate the folder where Firefox was installed. Usually it is in Program Files under C drive. To get the path just locate the folder and copy the address. Then remove the part C: and paste it after cd (cd means change directory) and a space.

Program Path

Second line instructs to execute firefox with the web addresses specified. Here firefox.exe is the program we want to execute. It will even work without .exe part. Note that there is a space between the term firefox.exe and first address.

And also, all the web addresses you want to open (yes, you can open more than two but ten or more will make it slow) should be in the same line and separated by a space. You can omit (won’t need though) setting the program path (first line), if you had included it as an environment variable.