Google Page Rank is a factor that Google assigns to web pages in its index. It is based on the number of links Google has found pointing to a certain web page. Links can be from other web sites as well as from other pages in the same site. The rank varies from 0 to 10. 0 means less (or zero) number of incoming links and 10 means the highest number of incoming links.

Google Page Rank is assigned to each web page of a site, not only to the main domain. Assigning the rank takes considerable time. Almost all new sites get 0 rank at the beginning and there are only few site that have a PR of 10 or 9. Most of the established sites are around PR4.

How Google Page Rank Is Calculated

Google uses following formula to calculate the PR of a certain web page (say P).

Google Page Rank Formula

d is called Damping Factor and is usually 0.85. PR(P1), PR(P2) etc are the Google Page Ranks of web pages linking to Page-P and L(P1), L(P2) etc are the total number of outgoing links (links to internal web pages or to other web sites) on those pages. This formula is based on a mathematical concept called Probability Distribution.

To understand this formula correctly, you need to practice few examples. Please check definitions at WebWorkShop or WikiPedia. Actually understanding it in mathematically can be tedious. What you need to do is get a basic idea and then move onto practical things that really matters (building a higher PR). Here are some important points.

  • You can increase the PR of low PR pages by linking with higher PR pages. That means if you have Page-1 with PR4 and Page-2 with PR0, you can increase the PR of Page-2 by creating a link to it on Page-1
  • According to the formula, if you link back from Page-2 to Page-1, it will then increase the PR of Page-1. Confused? :-) This just mean that interlinking your web pages meaningfully (don’t just link two pages to increase PR if those are irreverent in content) can increase the PR of all the linked pages.
  • But to start with you at least need one page with high PR. Just interlinking a set of PR0 pages won’t do any good. That’s why usually a webmaster concentrates on increasing the PR of his home page so that he can distribute that PR throughout the site.
  • To increase PR, it is always better to get links from pages which have high PR and lower number of outgoing links on it. It is described by terms PR(P1)/L(P1) in the formula. This will be really important when you have to make selections. For an example if you have to choose between two PR4 pages, then look which one has the lower number of outgoing links on it and go for it.

Why Google Page Rank Is Important

The major importance is Google considers it as a (not the) ranking factor. Google considers a link from another page as a vote for quality and PR is difficult to abuse than other ranking factors. And also gaining a PR takes time and it illustrates the establishmentof a web site which is a good factor to consider when ranking web sites.

Other search engines also consider this incoming links factor. Following Google Page Rank will increase the number of incoming links to your web site which then can be used by other search engines in whatever algorithm they use. Other main importance is the reputation. You will be paid high in advertisingnetworks and lots off webmasters will try to interact with you if you have high PR.

How Can You See Goolge Page Rank

Simply install Google Toolbar. It will show the PR of each page you visit. There is an argument that the PR shown by the toolbar is not the actual one. But it will at least close. If you use Firefox, install SearchStatus. It shows both Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank in Firefox status bar. Once installed, right click on it and choose Show as Text to see ranks in numbers. Defaults are graphical bars which only show numbers when you mouse over them.

What Is Google SandBox

If your site is new, it’s likely that you will not see high PR or get high rankings in Google even though you have a considerable amount of links from other sites. This is because Google considers the establishmentof a site before giving deserved credit. The usual time period is about 6-8 months. In this period it is said that the site is in Google SandBox. Please note that this just an observation by some web masters and not a confirmed theory.

How Can You Improve Google Page Rank

As I said before understanding Google Page Rank Formula and interlinking your own web pages alone won’t build you any good PR. You have to go for practical stuff. That is building your link popularity.