In Press Release Marketing, I mentioned to use a separate email address with a filter in your submission. That is using something like [email protected] and creating a filter in your email program to identify the emails sent to it. What I did was redirecting all emails sent to my press address to a Gmail account (since my web host allowed it) and creating a filter there called “Press” (Don’t use a direct Gmail address in your submission, it’s not that professional).

When your press releases get spread on the web, more and more email scrapping scripts would capture your email address and send you spam emails. So, if you haven’t created a filter then you would find it really difficult to distinguish between spam and original ones. And when you get about 20+ spam emails daily, it would be a real time consumer.

When a spam email has passed Gmail filters (very rarely) and appears in the Inbox and if it seems spam then the label “Press” next to it assure my decision. When I go to the Spam folder, I see a bunch of emails with the label “Press”, so I can discard them by having a quick look rather than wasting more time to check whether they are really spam or not. I sometimes see emails that addresses me as “Hi Press” making my job more easier.