How to Use Web Site Dignity Search

  • Following guidelines are based on Windows Operating System. You can have a similar approach for other OSs. This tool will be extremely useful to find the Web Presence of a certain web site and when you acquire new link partners. You can submit your feedback here. Explanation of abbreviations used resides below.
  • First paste domain names in notepad only one per line. Don't left spaces before or after any entry. This produces wrong results. Enter only the domain name. Don't include http:// part or www part (Ex:-
  • Then click Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to select all and copy respectively. Click in the input box to place the curser in it. Then click Ctrl+V to paste all your keywords in it.
  • Then click Generate button. That's it! You have got 15 crucial facts about each web site at your fingertips. A table will be generated with all the domain names you entered along with corresponding searches. Just make sure domain names are displayed exactly as you entered them.
  • If you find an error in entries that means something has gone wrong. Reenter them, click Generate and check again. Don't worry, it's fast! and won't take more than a second.
  • Click on a Go link and corresponding search will be open on the down frame (this frame) with the results. No more windows! No more typing! Only just clicking! (Alexa details will open in a new window since it breaks frames.)
  • After clicking, if the down frame appears white for a while, be patient! It takes time to load and quickly it will. If you think you need a complete window for particular search, just right click on the corresponding Go link and choose Open in New Window.
  • To get more space, choose View>Toolbars and uncheck unwanted toolbars.
  • When you examine the results, check also the input boxes of search tools to make sure your search term has been entered correctly.
  • Below is an explanation on the abbreviations used in the Generated search table.
# Indexed G Pages indexed by Google
Y Pages indexed by Yahoo!
M Pages indexed by MSN
# Link Backs G Back Links found by Google
Y Back Links found by Yahoo!
M Back Links found by MSN
G LC Most recent day crawled by Google (Last Crawled)
G PR Google Page Rank (From
Alexa Alexa Details with Traffic Ranking
QC QuantCast (Beta) Details
DMOZ Listing(s) in DMOZ (Open Directory)
Y Dir Listing(s) in Yahoo! Directory
Who Is Who Is information (From
Way Back The evolution of the web site (From
G Rel Similar web sites found by Google